How to Keep Your Audience Excited


The social media “bubble” for business.

Where do we even begin, right? 



I mean… it feels like there’s always a new shiny opportunity within every post. 

So the big question is… how do we stand out and keep our audience excited? 

Especially with so many distractions!

The reality is that if you want to succeed in the online space, you need to find ways to capture your audiences interest. 
It will significantly impact your bottom line, ok?


Let me give you THE SIP on what will keep your audience “hyped.”

Everyone loves to talk strategy from the business owners angle, but I’m giving you a different perspective. 

I’m going to give you the “sip” from the prospective of your audience (and a little bit of the business owner). 

You need to customize this and apply only what’s relevant to you.

If anything, I want this to help you think about what your audience may desire. 

Put yourself in their shoes. Yes, we are going that route.

Before you apply anything, create a little post-it note and put it on your desk with the reminder - "Quality over audience size."

You can sip on the power of a small audience after this read.

Shall we?


Be bold.



If you cannot see that social media is filled with copy & paste marketing, then please share what platforms you hang out on. 

Does every post out there not feel almost IDENTICAL? 

Gives me the ick. 

Don’t be afraid to share what you really think. 

Take what you actually want to say and SAY IT. 

Because your voice matters and we want to hear your thoughts.

Those ideas, statements and stories that you’ve been telling your business BFF… 

“Secrets secrets are no fun unless you tell everyone!”

Listen, you don’t have to share it all, but get comfortable speaking your mind.

This is critical, as it helps your audience to relate.

You want true connection? 

Say what you mean. Say how you feel. 

AND PLEASE… don’t give up if you don’t get the response you were hoping for right away. 

When you begin being BOLD, it takes time to weed out the wrong people and attract the right ones, ok?


Incorporate FUN.



I grew up in a family who loves a good surprise. 

You can easily capture your audiences attention when you have surprises for them. 

A little trick up your sleeve.

  • What have you been working on?
  • Is there something you’ve been wanting to share?
  • Are you making any updates to what you already have in place?

Don’t do what you’re currently doing… switch it up!

It’s like when Apple announces something new.

You knew it was coming, but you didn’t know all of the details.

So, you’re eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Maybe you even signed up for the waitlist!

That is what fun can do (at least for me). 

If a business owner says something awesome is coming… I want to know ASAP. Who doesn’t?

Surprises are fun and they keep us on our toes.

Maybe you randomly decide to gift a prize to a member in your audience.

Not only will that capture my attention, but I’ll want to know how I can participate next time!


Remove the Wrong People. 



Yes, I know… this is the tough one.

You can apply this to any social media platform.

If I’m part of a Facebook Group for example and I don’t see excitement, then I might assume the business owner isn’t as active.

Now, that’s not actually a fair assumption, but we keep it real here at Sipping Scale.

If I see that a Facebook Group has people interacting, then I know something cool is going on. 

I’m going to want to know more.

When you begin removing people who aren’t a good fit for your space (on any platform), it allows the right people to begin stepping forward.

The more they step forward, the more they will see your content.

That’s how the algorithm works! 

As someone in the audience, I’m going to think, “ok… this is legit and this business owner doesn’t mess around… I want to be in their world.”

People want results.

They want to know that you see them.

I want to be in the right places, where others aren’t wasting time!

Again, is it tough to go and remove Facebook Group members or followers on social media?

Yes, for some people.

You MUST remember that you’re a business owner without time to waste.

Are you looking to make an impact?

Begin the elimination process.




Ok, so I gave you insight from both perspectives.

The business owner and as someone in the audience. 

But here’s the deal. 

There is no need to overcomplicate.

You’re dealing with real people and you’re a real business owner.

Give yourself time and try to look at it from a very logical place. 

If you don’t see results after a couple of months, then find someone to provide guidance. 

However, you can’t give up after a couple of days or weeks. 

It’s time to believe it’s possible and if what you’re doing now isn’t providing the results you want, then switch it up.

You want to keep your audience excited?

Keep it simple. 

The more invested your audience is, the more opportunities you have to build relationships and this will lead to an increase in sales.

Now, what are YOU going to do?

Time to take action!

…and that’s the sip.


Listen to the Sipping Scale podcast.

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