How to Post in Facebook Groups


Do you have time for fluff? Me either. 


Here’s what you’re NOT going to do:


Stop posting sales post after sales post in other Facebook Groups hoping that someone will buy.

Step back and think about that logically for a second…

Sure, someone MIGHT buy, but wouldn’t you rather have people reaching out to YOU?

Ok, good. Me too.

It’s not that selling is bad.


Selling is GOOD.


You’re borrowing someone else’s audience, so build rapport within the audience in order to increase visibility on your posts and then either:


  • Sell in the comments section
  • Drive traffic to your own platform and sell


Stop posting and ghosting


First of all, why would you waste your time?

If you’re going to post and you receive a response, GENUINELY reply.

Relationships will build your audience and create opportunities. 

Stop giving up when you don’t get a response.

Some posts will perform well and others won’t. 

It takes time to establish yourself in a group.

Give it time and start talking to people. 

You can talk to people on other posts within the Facebook Group.

Why wouldn’t you?

This is how you begin to form connections.

Those people will then see your content.


Here’s how you’re going to begin posting in Facebook Groups.


Let me define this a bit more. 

This is how you’re going to begin INTENTIONALLY posting in other Facebook Groups.


Spark conversation 


How are the right people going to find you if you aren’t sparking conversation?

You can’t just post and hope that the right people will find you.

No one has time for that.

Spark conversation through questions in alignment to what it is you offer.

Don’t ask random questions to get random responses from random people that aren’t your target audience.

And remember that even when you post questions that are in alignment, not everyone will be your target audience.

Get the conversation flowing. 


If I teach people how to build a profitable audience, then maybe I want to ask, “What is your favorite Facebook Group for female entrepreneurs?”

The reason I would want to post that is because I can then create conversations in the comments section.

Follow up with people and ask why it’s their favorite. 

Maybe how they are using it to promote their business and if it’s working.

This is where I’ll get my foot in the door. 

Because you can use Facebook Groups to drive traffic and build an audience. 


Use the “Promote Yourself” Posts


You know those posts that say, “Promote Yourself?” 

Everyone loves to (pardon my language) sh*t on them, but entrepreneurs are giving you their information.

When you look at it that way… don’t you see the opportunity? 

If you’re posting in the right Facebook Groups that have your target audience, then you have an opportunity to spark conversation in the comments section.

Find people that could be potential clients, customers or collaborations and leave a genuine reply.

Do your research. 

You can read more about this in a post I dedicated to "Promote Yourself" posts.

Yes, they can be THAT valuable. 


See a theme here?


You need to talk to people in order for them to recognize you and then when you post other forms of content, they are more likely to see it.

Relationships are the foundation of your business.

Want more sales or leads from Facebook Groups?



Use Your Free Resources 


If you’re borrowing someone else’s audience to promote your business, the easiest strategy is to bring people from their audience into yours.

And how do we do this?

By sharing our free resources.

You’ve seen these posts, right?


“I created a guide on how to build a profitable audience. Want access?”


Again, another strategy that people love to (pardon my language) sh*t on!


But the reality is that the best way to make money by posting in other Facebook Groups is to establish relationships. 

It’s not by constantly posting your offers.

Use other Facebook Groups as a way to build your audience. 

If you can get the right people into YOUR email list, Facebook Group or following you on any platform, then you have an opportunity to turn cold leads into buyers.

You want the right people to follow you on ANY platform because they are genuinely interested.

They will then engage with you, the content you produce and you’ve actually built trust because they received a “WIN” from your free resource. 

That’s another topic… free resources. 

If you can create an audience of interested leads from other Facebook Groups, then you’re winning. 

Use your funnels and sales strategy on your own platform to those that chose to be there. 

Find those people organically through other Facebook Groups. 




These are just a few simple ways to post in other Facebook Groups. 

You can begin to EASILY generate traffic this way. 

Listen, there are dozens of ways to do this and you must customize to find what’s going to be right for you, ok?

I need you to evaluate your current actions, get ready to be patient and really focus on the PEOPLE.

Those conversations are going to help you with building an audience, market research and sales.

Is it worth it to pay to promote in Facebook Groups?

Click here to read about it.


…and that’s the sip!


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