10 Prompts to Spark Conversation on Social Media


In today's SIP, we put together 10 AI-powered prompts that you can customize and use on social media.

Use these prompts to spark conversation and make sure you tailer them to ensure they are in alignment with your business.

That will help you to find the right audience!

Ready to dive in? 



1. Fill in the Blank:


"Success to me is _____."

Invite your audience to complete the sentence with their own definitions of success.

This prompt encourages reflection and invites a range of personal perspectives.

SIP TIP: Customize this to your industry and target audience to create the right engagement. Click here to read about how to find your audience so that these prompts become MORE effective.


2. Would You Rather:


"Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible for a day? Share your choice and why!"

This lighthearted prompt taps into people's imaginations and encourages them to share their preferences, sparking playful debates.

SIP TIP: Try to keep the question in alignment to your business in order to attract the right audience. 


3. Caption This:


"Caption this image with the first thought that comes to your mind! 📷"

Share an intriguing image and invite your followers to provide captions. Visual prompts often lead to creative and amusing responses.

SIP TIP: What are 10 images that are in alignment to your business? Use those ideas as ways to form this prompt.


4. Share Your Favorites:


"Name three books that have had the most profound impact on your life. Let's build a must-read list!"

Encourage participants to share their favorite books, movies, or travel destinations, fostering a sense of community around shared interests.

SIP TIP: If we are using books as an example, share your favorite book or chapter from a specific book that is in alignment with your offer. What if it's your book?


5. Finish the Story:


"Once upon a time, in a world filled with ______."

Begin a story and ask your audience to contribute their own lines, creating a collaborative and imaginative narrative.

SIP TIP: What is the solution you provide your audience? How can you create a story around that?


6. Flashback Friday:


"Share a photo or memory from five years ago that still brings a smile to your face. Let's relive those moments!"

Nostalgia often sparks engagement. Encourage your followers to reminisce and share their treasured memories.

SIP TIP: Make this relatable and once again... (you may have noticed a theme), share a memory or experience that your clients/customers shared.


7. Quote of the Day:


"Today's quote: 'The only way to do great work is to love what you do.' - Steve Jobs. What's your take on this?"

Share a thought-provoking quote and invite your audience to share their interpretations and insights.

SIP TIP: Find a quote that creates hope and empowers your audience to take ACTION. 


8. Share Your Expertise:


"What's your go-to productivity hack? Let's exchange tips and boost our efficiency!"

Tap into the collective knowledge of your audience by inviting them to share their best advice or strategies.

SIP TIP: Ask the question and then tell your audience that  your response is in the comments section. This will boost engagement and create more conversations.


9. Finish the Sentence:


"If I could travel anywhere in the world right now, I'd go to _____."

Encourage daydreaming and wanderlust by asking your followers to complete the sentence with their dream travel destination.

SIP TIP: What does your audience desire? Turn that into a similar sentence and learn more about them using this method!


10. Two Truths and a Lie:


"Can you guess which of these statements is a lie? 1) I've climbed a mountain. 2) I've swum with dolphins. 3) I've won a cooking competition."

Challenge your audience to identify the false statement while learning fun facts about each other.

SIP TIP: This is a great trust building exercise and a way to relate to your audience! Use this intentionally to learn about them.


Bonus Tip: Be Engaging in Responses!


To maximize engagement, respond to comments and actively participate in the conversations sparked by these prompts. Authentic engagement from your end encourages others to join the discussions.




These are simply PROMPTS that you need to customize to your business and audience on social media.

Make sure that you have an intention for posting and make a point to follow up in the comments.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about them and that will help you to deliver an incredible experience.

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