Is Your "Work Voice" Decreasing Sales?



There’s an elephant in the room.

Our work voice. 

We all have one.

You know that voice you use when you’re talking to a client and then your best friend calls and your personality changes?

That voice. 



Your voice is a powerful instrument if you know how to use it.

We need to keep in mind that this is a huge topic. 

I’m going to specifically focus on your “work voice” when it comes to building your audience on social media.

So, let me give you the sip.

There is a difference between professional and fake. 

Ok… our work voices CAN BE a bit fake. 

But, when used intentionally, they can open up quite a few doors. 

Your work voice or persona should not stop you from selling.

After all, connection is the foundation of relationships, right?

An easy way to increase your sales is to build a quality audience and following on social media.

But, what if you just aren’t connecting?

That makes building an audience or creating a following on social media extremely difficult. 




  • “I don’t know where my audience is hanging out.”
  • “No one is responding to me.”
  • “My content doesn’t get any engagement.”

Your work voice could stop you from connecting. 

And because you aren’t connecting, your audience or following isn’t growing.

THAT decreases (or doesn’t INCREASE) your sales, right? 




MAYBE… just MAYBE… it’s because you’re using someone else’s voice.

Don’t jump down my throat just yet and hear me out. 

What I mean is that we consume so much content on a consistent basis that when we see others succeeding, it can be easy to integrate their personality into yours.

I know, it’s a bit confusing.

However, there are solutions because once we are aware, we can grow!

Take a step back for a second and think about this logically. 

Your work voice could be inspired by someone else and therefore, it’s not your true personality.

That is then hindering your ability to connect and create content that resonates. 

Your audience cannot flourish if you’re not connecting. 





When you begin using your own words, then it will resonate with the right people.

They can relate to you, allowing you to stand apart. 

If you want to build a solid business network, you have be learn how to connect.

But if you’re struggling to build your network or audience online, then maybe it’s time that we sip on that work voice.




Creating awareness around this topic can help you to develop a thriving audience and increase your engagement, resulting in sales. 

You can still have a work voice or work persona and connect in a way that generates sales. 

The way you speak to your audience and people within your network can increase your sales. 




Please ask yourself the following questions. 


The goal of this exercise is to help you find or enhance YOUR voice.

  • How does your best friend describe you?
  • Do your research: Find a past post that performed well. Why do you think it performed well? What tone did you use? Did you share a story or get vulnerable? What made you write that post? Did you state something bold? Write down any thoughts and realizations.
  • Are you writing like how you speak?





Your only assignment today is to answer those simple questions and do your research.

There are dozens of ways to discover your true voice and this takes time.

Sip on simple right now and make small improvements overtime. 

Speaking of small improvements... click here for the sip on how to become more decisive!

Thank you for reading and it’s time to SCALE. 

…and that’s the sip!

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