5 Ways Your Brand Can Make More Money


In today's SIP, you're going to learn 5 new ways your brand can make more money!

While you may have incorporated what we suggest, this is also a great time to evaluate how it's working for your company.

Use this as an opportunity to gain ideas and elevate your efforts.

Because this can help your brand result in...



Expand Product or Service Offerings


Add to your "product" or "service" suite by introducing new (and very simple) offerings that cater to the wants and needs of your PAYING audience.

You can begin this process by doing a bit of market research:

  • What is your audience asking for
  • What will help them to get even better results
  • What feedback have you received

Just a few ways to think about the market research aspect.

When you begin this journey, simple add one new offering (if you feel this is for you) at a time and test!

Click here to learn how to validate a new idea.


Increase Prices


In a society where so many entrepreneurs give away all of their hard work for FREE... it makes it challenging for others to increase pricing.

But, here's our question to you...


If you deliver an incredible service, product and that provides an ROI, then you need to believe that YOU are worthy.

There is NOTHING wrong with increasing prices and to be honest, lowering prices and constantly offering discounts IS NOT always the answer.

If your brand has built a strong reputation and offers exceptional value, consider raising your prices to reflect that perceived value.


Cross-Selling and Upselling


You see this all the time when you purchase products or offers online... once you go to the check out page, an upsell appears!

Does this make sense for your brand?

Having this pop-up on your check out page has not only BEEN PROVEN to be effective, but it can boost your profit.

If there is something that your audience may find beneficial, then encourage customers to purchase products/services in alignment through cross-selling and upselling techniques.

Bundle complementary items or offer upgrades during the purchase process.

SIP TIP: Bundling is one of the best and easiest ways to provide incredible value, impact and boost profit! What can you bundle together


Customer Loyalty Programs 


This doesn't work for every business, but it may work for yours!

Loyalty programs or milestone incentives will keep your audience engaged and COMING BACK FOR MORE!

Develop a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers.


  • Discounts
  • Exclusive access
  • Points-based systems that encourage customers to keep coming back
  • Milestone incentives for completing modules in a course

Have you tried this and if so, what has been working? GO ALL IN!


Improve Customer Experience


Customer experience is often pushed to the side, yet has been PROVEN to create:

If you can ENHANCE the overall customer experience, from website navigation to customer support, then you will gather many happy customers.

Click here to read about AI-Powered tools to improve customer service. 

Go evaluate that customer service system you have in place!




Go out there, know your worth and evaluate your business!

Did you gather any new ideas for increasing profit? 

WE WILL 100% share more in the future AND in Sipping Scale episodes.

SIP TIP: Try sharing some of these ideas when brainstorming with other entrepreneurs or by leveraging your network.

I believe in you and let's SCALE!


…and that’s the sip!


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