How to Create Successful Collaborations


In today's SIP, you're going to learn how to form collaborations that produce INSANE results. 

When collaborations are implemented strategically and with the RIGHT people, you can gain extreme visibility and build your business at an accelerated rate. 



Find Brands in Alignment


We've seen entrepreneurs in the online space approach anyone and everyone with an active online presence. 

While it's great to collaborate with brands or personal brands with a strong audience, that doesn't equal sales for you.

You're collaborating for:

  • Exposure
  • Visibility¬†
  • Leads
  • Sales

Whatever reason it is you want to collaborate, it's usually to build your business and to build your AUDIENCE!

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If you want to build your business, you want to leverage other audiences.

That means that more people will have eyes on YOU.

If you just try to connect with people who have large audiences, you'll get many "no's" because what's in it for them?


That is the key.

SIP TIP: create a list of brands or personal brands that have an audience in ALIGNMENT with your audience. The reason for this is that you'll now be getting in front of your target audience organically. You're getting in front of your target audience who may have never discovered you before this collaboration!

The collaboration needs to be beneficial for both parties, so having audiences in alignment eliminates competition and helps you to work together to gain visibility in front of the right people.


Approach Potential Collaborators With Ideas


People are busy. Business owners are busy.


  • FIRST, create a list of personal brands and businesses with similar audience in alignment
  • SECOND, next to their name, write out how you want to collaborate.


Because you can then approach them prepared, making it easier than ever to form quality, results-driven collaborations.

The purpose of a collaboration is to get results and if there is something you can do to move it along faster, then do it.

Provide them with:

  • The idea for the collaboration
  • The material
  • Propose dates
  • Share the goal
  • Tell them what's in it for them
  • Help them understand what to customize
  • Ask them how you can make it easier

This will not only improve results, but also:

  • Response time from potential collaborators¬†
  • Increased action
  • Better communication¬†

Have you tried this approach?

Take it as far as you want depending on who you're looking to form a collaboration with.

ANOTHER SIP TIP: Before approaching others to collaborate, evaluate your own audience! You want to go in prepared, so WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE? This is where you can add some "umph" to your engagement and audience. 

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This is going to help make your brand even MORE appealing!

...and yes! It is possible to land amazing collaborations with or without an audience... BUT, we will always share if there's something that can help!

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You can land incredible collaborations SIMPLY by upgrading your approach.

Try reviewing your current collaboration experiences to see where you can improve.

Sometimes, success secrets are within the details of what you're currently doing.

We will share additional collaboration secrets to help you SKYROCKET your business organically in upcoming episodes of Sipping Scale.

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What will you begin implementing or evaluating? 

I believe in you and let's SCALE!

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