Boost Sales During the Holidays!


In today's SIP, we are talking all things holiday promotion!

The holidays are full of joy, fun and festivities.

It's a time of giving and receiving. 

When we talk about the holidays in terms of business, you may be curious as to how you can use this as a time to boost sales.



Exclusive Pre-Sale Access


Everyone loves early access and this route allows you to create fun hype around your offers!

This is a great opportunity to reward your most loyal customers by offering them exclusive pre-sale access.

This can apply to product OR service based businesses. 

Send personalized invitations or early-bird discounts to your VIP customers or email subscribers.

SIP TIP: You aren't sending this to everyone... just to VIP loyal clients/customers because this shows them how much you value and appreciate their business. Make them feel special and in return, they may post about it!


This will make others in your audience wonder, "how can I get involved?"

One way to get more involved is to start creating that interactive and engaging content! Click here to learn how.


Create Gift Guides 


There are DOZENS of sales during the holiday time and you want to make life EASY!

Create a FREE gift guide to deliver to your audience to help them navigate holiday shopping.

Whether the shopping is for themselves or others...


  • Feature other businesses with affiliate links if you want an extra boost of income AND add your offering in there.
  • Create a¬†gift guide SPECIFICALLY for your business and your offers.¬†This would include a guide to all of your products or services to make purchasing easy.

SIP TIP: You can create this and add all links in and send it out through your email! Click here to learn how to boost open & click rates.

Showcase your best-sellers, recommend gift ideas for different needs and provide helpful content to make shopping easier.

Gift guides are similar to lead magnets. You can send these out to your current database, BUT... you can also use this when marketing to a cold audience as a way to gather new followers and subscribers!

Click here to read about crafting a profitable lead magnet.


Limited-Time Offers


You've seen holiday discounts and limited-time offers during the holiday times.

Before we dive in... here's a SIP TIP: share the limited-time offers or discounts BEFORE or AFTER the holiday instead of DURING like most companies. This way, you stand apart and your offers don't get lost.

NOW, moving onto why you should create a limited-time offer.

First, it's fun knowing that your favorite brands (product or services) have something you can get your hands on for less money.

However, this approach is highly expected from clients and customers during the holiday season, so they know it's coming.

It creates a sense of urgency when you offer limited-time promotions, flash sales, or daily deals.

SIP TIP: Clearly communicate when these offers will expire, pushing your audience to take immediate action and try to incorporate FUN!

Want to make sure your audience is highly engaged before this promotion? Click here to listen to a Sipping Scale episode on creating a ready-to-buy audience. 





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There are ways to give, while increasing profit and hype around your brand.

Imagine the amount of reviews, quality engagement and new fans you'll come across!

Click here to read about how to boost engagement in Facebook Groups.

Plus, what an amazing way to show customer appreciation.

What will you be implementing?

I believe in you and let's SCALE!


…and that’s the sip!


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